General Preparedness Survey


1. How long have you been interested in preparedness?
2. What triggered you to get into the preparedness mindset and to begin preparing for the unknown?
3. What area(s) of preparedness are you having the most difficulty with, and why?
4. What are your primary preparedness goals right now?
5. What is preventing you from achieving your current preparedness related goals?
6. I am considering taking my live preparedness classes to an online class format.

All of these classes would be an 'on demand' type class, possibly with weekly "classroom calls" so you take the course on your own schedule.

How interested in the following types of classes would you be?
Not InterestedSomewhat InterestedVery InterestedI Gotta Have It!
Individual topic specific introductory classes (e.g. Food Storage, First Aid, Gardening)
A multi-week comprehensive 'Preparedness 101' class that introduces you to the the major preparedness topics
One on one preparedness classes
Small group preparedness classes
Individual topic specific in-depth classes (e.g. Food Storage, First Aid, Gardening)
7. What topics are you interested in hearing more about through blog content and/or training classes?
Not InterestedSomewhat InterestedVery InterestedI Gotta Have It!
Tactical Training
Gardens and Orchards
Preparedness and Survival Mindset
Firearms for Defense and Self Sufficiency
Emergency Medical Skills
How To Get Home / Get Out Of Dodge
Retreat Planning
Keeping Large Livestock
Fuel and Power Generation
Home and Retreat Security Planning
Keeping Small Livestock
Food and Water Storage
Bug Out/Bug In Planning
Emergency and Retreat Communications
As a thank you for participating in this survey, I'm giving away a free half hour consulting phone call to three random survey participants.

If you're interested, <a href="foo.html">please click on this link and fill out the brief form</a>.
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