Reintroduction to NodeJS

1. How often do you develop with node.js in your "personal" time and projects?
2. How often do you use node.js for "work" related projects?
3. node.js can be used for both by both client side and server side developers. Which describes you best?
4. What high level topics about node not only interest you the most, but seem most relevant for you?
Overview of NodeJS, what it is and what it isn't
Node Project Structure (NPM, modules, package.json, structuring your files & folders)
Module Design Patterns (Classes, Singletons)
MongoDB & Mongoose
Redis (memory cache & pub/sub)
Automated Testing (assert, qunit, mocha)
Best Practices (module design, events, error handling, logging)
Automation & Build Tools (grunt.js, yoeman, webpack, browserify)
Web server & Web services (express.js, connect.js)
Templating (EJS, underscore, handlebars, jade)
Deployment (nodejitsu, homegrown, jenkins)
5. Please let us know of any other topics you would be interested in covering in the future.
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