Social Services Holiday Assistance Sponsor Survey


1. Which Social Services program and social worker did you work with?
2. How did you become aware of Social Services' Holiday Assistance Programs?
3. When I contacted the agency to become a sponsor, I was given information about the process for being a sponsor for holiday assistance within 3 business days.
4. I received a wish list for the people I wanted to sponsor within 3-5 business days.
5. If I requested more information or help with my sponsorship project, I received responses back from Social Services staff within 2 business days.
6. Once my items or gifts were ready for the agency, it was easy for me to schedule a drop off or pick-up time with Social Services staff.
7. I would describe Social Services' staff as (select all that apply):
8. I would like to sponsor a child or family through Social Services again in the future.
9. On average, how much did you spend on each person you provided assistance for?
10. Thank you for your gift of time and care for children and families in our community. We wish you a prosperous 2011! Please use the box below for additional feedback.
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