Laurier's Summer 2013 Summer Camp Fair: Visitor Feedback Form

1. How did you hear about Laurier's Summer 2012 Camp Fair? Check all that apply.
2. Was this your first time attending Laurier's Summer Camp Fair?
3. If you are a returning parent/family, why did you choose to visit our camp fair again?
4. On a scale from 1 (poor) to 10 (excellent), please rate each of the following event components:
Event Date and Time
Event Location
Event Layout
Camp Fair Branding and Promotion
Variety of Vendors/Programs
5. What did you like best about this year's camp fair?
6. What could we improve on for next year's event?
7. Would you visit next year's camp fair?
8. Would recommend the camp fair to your family, friends and colleagues?
9. Any other questions, comments or suggestions regarding the camp fair?
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