Empower2Power -Research for an upcoming book from International Speaker Dana M. Woods

Success And Fear In Human Life

1. What does fear mean to you?
2. How would your life be better if you conquered fear?
3. What does successful living mean to you?
4. If you could pick someone else's life to have, who and why?
5. Have you ever had a failure(s) you have not recovered from?
6. If Yes, Explain briefly on failure and why you have not recovered from it?
7. Rate the quality of key areas in your life.
Not pleasedBelow averageAverageGoodExcellentN/A
Love Life
Family members
Relationship with God
8. What was the most devastating comment someone has said about you that caused you not to follow you're dreams?
9. Please tell the relation between you and the person who made you not to follow yours dreams because of the devastating comment e.g co-worker, boss, family member or yourself?
10. If you could read a book about having a successful life, what is the one area of your life you would love to improve?
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