Office of Public Affairs E-Newsletter Feedback Survey

1. Do you feel the newsletter content helps inform the work you do for Marquette?
I rarely find the content informativeI sometimes find the content informativeI usually find the content informativeThe newsletter doesn't inform my job directly but I enjoy receiving it
2. How often do you read the newsletter?
I usually read the newsletter promptlyI usually read the newsletter within a week of receiving it.I rarely read the newsletter
3. Have you attended any of the local events listed in the newsletter?
Yes, I have attended neighborhood events that I learned about from the newsletterNo, but I am planning to attend a neighborhood event in the future.No, I have not attended nor plan to attend neighborhood events.
4. Is the length of the newsletter too long, too short, or about right?
The length is too long, please include less informationThe length is just about rightThe length is too short, please include more information
5. Have you shared our newsletter with your colleagues?
I have forwarded a copy to my colleaguesI have asked my colleagues to subscribeI have neither forwarded or asked my colleagues to subscribe
6. Has this newsletter helped broaden your understanding of the role of the Office of Public Affairs?
Very much In some instancesNot at all
7. Do you have any content or topics that you would like to see highlighted in the Neighborhood Updates section?
8. Do you have any content or topics that you would like to see highlighted in the Government Relations section?
9. Do you have any additional feedback or suggestions on the e-newsletter content?
10. To be entered into the drawing for the Les Aspin for Government polo shirt, please enter your name below.
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