Industry P/C Training

1. Please do not take this survey unless you are the person responsible or authorized to submit rates and forms filings on behalf of an authorized insurer, obligor, or warrantor; or if you are an underwriter or product development specialist.  This training will not provide continuing education credit to anyone requiring CE.
2. What subjects do you feel you need extra training or guidance on (here are some examples - please select all that apply)?
3. Would an overview of the new, recently launched, Insurance Division web site be helpful during the webinar training?
4. Do you find the E-notification messages helpful? (E-Notify is an e-mail service that provides updates on many different areas in the Division.  It is a FREE service and you can set your own preferences as to the information you wish to receive. Sign up at
5. Please share with us any other training or information sharing ideas you may have:
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