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1. Which best describes your interpretation of Geithner's behavior?
2. Which response do you believe is most MORALLY correct (i.e., not necessarily politically feasible, but philosophically defensible)?
3. Which course of action do you think is most PROCEDURALLY appropriate (i.e., not necessarily morally optimal, or politically probable, but wisest for the achievement of your long-term goals)?
4. Which course of action do you currently believe is most LIKELY (i.e., not necessarily morally defensible or procedurally effective, but likely to actually take place)?
5. Which do you think is the lesson that SHOULD be learned from Geithner's behavior and its practical consequences (i.e. not necessarily the lesson the public WILL learn)?
6. Which do you think is the lesson that WILL be learned by the public (i.e., not necessarily a philosophically or historically valid interpretation)?
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