New Online Surf Publication

1. Online Surf Media

1. Do you believe there exists ample opportunity to create a better online surf media publication?
2. What would you like to see more of in surf media? (Check as many as you would like.)
3. Please rate your experience visiting the following web sites:
Extremely SatisfiedSomewhat SatisfiedSomewhat UnsatisfiedExtremely Unsatisfied
4. Would you be willing to pay for a portion of online content?
5. How do you prefer to get your news?
6. How much would you pay for an online media publication?
7. Do you believe that advertisers sometimes influence surf publications to avoid controversy, even if that prevents readers from being exposed to interesting stories?
8. Would you like to visit a surf-centric web site that also addresses important topics and global affairs that extend beyond surf industry interest?
9. How interested would you be in reading editorial on said web site in the following categories:
Very uninterestedSomewhat uninterestedNeutralSomewhat interestedVery Interested
Business and Media
Art and Music
10. About you:
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