Public Library Survey for SB County residents 2013

1. In what ZIP code is your home located? (enter 5-digit ZIP code; for example, 00544 or 94305)
2. What library branch do you primarily use?
3. Does the library...
4. When you visit the library do you usually (mark all that apply)
5. How often do you use the library? (select one)
6. Do you use the library’s digital services? (mark all that apply)
7. Are there enough materials within the libraries to meet your needs within a reasonable amount of time?
8. If you have checked out materials recently, which items are the most important for the Library to purchase? (select one)
9. When you visit the library, do you (mark all that apply)
10. Over the next two years, do you think the library should provide any more of any of the items listed here? (Please mark only your top two choices)
11. Have you attended any programs or events at the library in the last year?
12. How likely are you or your family to attend a program in the next three months? (select one)
13. How old are you? (select one)
14. If this is not the library closest to your home, why do you prefer it? (mark all that apply)
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