Yiddish Hour Jan 2013  ** PLEASE ANSWER ALL QUESTIONS **

1. How do you listen to the Yiddish Hour?
2. Please rank why you listen ... rate the following choices
not at all a little importantimportantvery important
To hear old fashioned Jewish music (klezmer, ladino, yiddish theatre, cantoral)
To hear new Jewish music (Debbie Friedman, Jewish Rock, Hip Hop, alternative)
To hear Israeli music
To hear our locally produced interviews
To hear our hosts read community announcements
To hear particular hosts when they're on the air
3. I am a regular reader of the following (check all that you actually open and read)
4. I listen to the Yiddish Hour ...
5. I check the Yiddish Hour webpage www.kboo.fm/portlandyiddishhour (check all that apply)
6. I have donated money to kboo to support the Yiddish Hour
7. What I'd like to hear MORE OF on the Yiddish Hour is
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