UHD Connections Mentee Survey

Please complete this short 8 question survey.

1. What were some of your initial anxieties/fears about attending college? (Check all that apply)
2. Have you ever participated in a mentoring program at work or at school? If yes, describe the experience and how it was beneficial?
3. What did you expect to gain from your participation in this program? (Check all that apply)
4. What lessons did you learn as you reflect on your first semester in college? (Check all that apply)
5. How has this experience changed or modified your perspective on college and what it takes to be successful? (Check all that apply)
6. What would you have done differently “if you knew then what you know now?” (Check all that apply)
7. What advice would you offer to first semester freshmen? (Check all that apply)
8. What was your greatest challenge this semester? (Check all that apply)
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