Space Exploration

1. What do you think the focus on outer space exploration should be?
2. If you are a science fiction fan what is your favourite film/book/game?
3. Would you go on a mission to orbit mars if you knew you wouldn’t return or survive?
4. Agree or Disagree
Strongly disagreeDisagreeSomewhere in the middleAgreeStrongly agreeNot sureDon't care
We do not focus enough resources on space exploration
You fear for the future of life on earth
You believe that there is a valid connection between religion and science
Man landed on the moon
The general public should have a say on the focus of space exploration
Scientific discovery is the only reason for outer space exploration
In the next 100 years we will have colonised another planet / moon
Space exploration gives me hope
Space exploration scares me
5. Which country on Earth are you from (you can leave this blank)?
6. Any further comments/theories/fears/hopes?
7. What is your age range?
8. Where did you find this survey (forum, passed on by a friend etc)?
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