Detection of 131I in Public Places: A National Survey (v23SEPT2013)

The purpose of this study is to evaluate the various aspects of the experience of patients who have been treated with I-131 and detected and/or detained by various security systems at various locations such as airports, border crossings, and governmental buildings.

The results of this survey may be very valuable in the future management of I-131 therapies.

Your responses are voluntary and anonymous, and these will not affect your relationship with MedStar Health, Washington Hospital Center, or Georgetown University Hospital.

The results of the survey will be made available to you upon your request by contacting Dr. Douglas Van Nostrand at (202) 877-0348.

In advance, thank you for your participation.

Yours truly,

Douglas Van Nostrand, MD, FACP, FACNM
Director, Division of Nuclear Medicine
MedStar Washington Hospital Center
Professor of Medicine, Georgetown University School of Medicine
Washington, D.C.

Michael Orquiza, MD
Clinical Research, Division of Nuclear Medicine
MedStar Washington Hospital Center
Washington, D.C.

Please note that an Asterisk (*) next to a question means that a response is mandatory.
1. What is your age?
2. Are you male or female?
3. Were you treated with radioiodine (I-131) (e.g. remnant ablation)?
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