Diary of a Bass Plan--3 Tournaments

Diary of a Bass Plan. Survey Three--Tournaments.

One of the most controversial issues for a bass management plan to consider is that of bass tournaments. What do you think the draft goal should be regarding tournaments? Use 0 for do not include; or school-type grades with F-failing and A-excellent for how appropriate you consider each statement to be. To review the entire plan and complete a detailed survey visit
1. Possible approaches/goals for managing bass tournaments.
0-Don't use1-F2-D3-C4-B5-A
The Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission should work with local chambers of commerce and tourism groups to encourage bass tournaments and create suitable facilities.
Tournaments should receive no special preferences including priority use of public ramps or temporary exemptions to bass size limits.
Modify current policies to further restrict tournaments in summer or those with a history of poor post tournament survival of released bass.
Continue current policies allowing ramps to be scheduled for tournaments, while attempting to always ensure some public access, and allowing size limit exemptions in return for releasing or donating (in the case of dead or morbid fish) all fish and prohibiting tournament anglers to keep even their legal bag limit.
2. Please provide your e-mail address, if you would like to be notified about progress on the Black Bass Management Plan.
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