Urban Permaculture

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This survey is for an article that will appear in Urban Farm magazine on urban/suburban permaculture. Feel free to answer some or all of the following questions. Your responses may be included in the article.
1. Name and email
2. Organizations I'm involved with, if any.
3. Projects I've completed. Could be for an organization, such as a community garden, or just your own backyard.
4. Are you a permaculture skeptic? If so, explain . . .
5. Many of Mollison and Holmgren's examples are rural. How have you adapted permaculture to an urban or suburban context?
6. What do Holmgren's twelve design principles mean to you in an urban context? Provide some real world examples of their application.
7. Describe an example of how permaculture principles can go beyond horticulture/agriculture/gardening in an urban context. What other ways can permaculture design be applied in our cities?
8. How has permaculture changed your personal life?
9. What's the best way for beginners to learn and get involved with permaculture?
10. I learned permaculture by . . .
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