MATELA Membership Survey

1. What professional development conferences did you attend in 2012?
2. Would you be interested in attending another writing instruction & assessment workshop?
3. If you were to attend a writing workshop, what would you like to see as its focus?
Writing process
Mechanics & Usage
Holistic Rubrics
6+1 Traits
Common Core Writing Across the Curriculum
Writing Purposes
Lesson & Unit Planning
Research Writing
Writing for Professional Publication
ACT+ Writing
4. What lesson have you taught this year that was the most fun or had the best results?
5. Where did you get the idea for that lesson?
6. What nonfiction reading have you added to your curriculum this year because of CCSS requirements?
7. Being as specific as possible tell us how a professional organization could help you as a teacher.
8. What networking opportunities would you be interested in?
9. Tell us about yourself (MATELA will not share this information).
10. Do you teach a subject other than English?
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