1. Parking Survey

This survey is for all students, faculty, and staff at Missouri Western. It should only take 2-3 minutes.
1. How many days during an average work week (Monday-Friday) do you park on campus?
2. On average, how many minutes does it take you to find parking on campus?
3. How often are you late for class, work, etc., that is at least partly due to a lack of good parking?
4. How many minutes does a lack of parking add to your commute to work and/or class at Missouri Western (including the extra time parking and walking)?
5. What times of day do you have the most trouble finding a parking space?
6. Do you think more spaces are needed to accomodate with the parking needs of students, faculty, and staff?
7. How often are you able to find a parking space near your class, office, or workplace?
8. If more parking spaces are added, where would you like to them to be?
9. Would you support an increase in parking permit fees if better parking services were provided?
10. Rank the possible parking solutions from your first choice to your last.
1st Choice2nd Choice3rd Choice
Parking Garage
Shuttle + Remote Parking
Expand Current Parking Lots and/or Add New Lots
11. Would you be willing to park in a remote parking lot (possibly by the Springs Sports Complex or the new Resident Hall) and be shuttled to and from campus?
12. Would you be willing to pay an increased fee of $10 per year for a parking permit if a shuttle service was added (this would help to alleviate parking overall)?
13. Would you be willing to pay an increased fee of $15 per year for a parking permit if current lots were expanded and/or additional lots were created?
14. Would you be willing to pay an increased fee of $30 per year for a parking permit if a parking garage could be built (probably either near Hearnes or Popplewell).
15. Would you be willing to have the overall class schedule at Missouri Western spread out to alleviate parking during peak times (9am-1pm)?
16. Considering MWSU's budget and the cost of implementing these plans, in which building a garage is the most costly, which do you think is the most feasible?
17. Considering all other aspects of Missouri Western, how does parking rank (with 0 being your greatest dissatisfaction and 7 being your greatest satisfaction)?
18. Are you a?
19. Do you currently have a parking permit at Missouri Western?
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