Summer Trip Ideas

Thank you for taking a few minutes to help us improve the quality of the Project Discovery summer programs.
1. Your current grade.
2. Your school name
3. Please choose 3 colleges you would most like to visit.
4. What do you think is the right length of a Project Discovery summer trip?
day trip
1 night, 2 days
2-3 nights
4-5 nights
5-7 nights
more than 7 nights
5. Please rank the types of summer trips that interest you. 1 is most interested - 4 is least interested.
I am not interested in a summer trip
I would attend a multi-day, multi-college tour
I would attend a multi-day, adventure program (such as caving, ropes course, camping)
I would attend a multi-day, expedition style program (bicycling tour)
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