SLATSA 2011 Roundtable Submissions: Panel

1. Panel Submissions

75 min (15 min ea / 30 min Q&A)
Students (especially pre-dissertation students) are encouraged to create panels of 3 to discuss different perspectives on the following complicated issues in SLA. Possible panels include: high tech/low tech/no tech, Native/Non-native Teachers, Language Standards/World Englishes, Teaching grammar/Teaching culture, functionalism/ structuralism, top-down/bottom-up strategies, Whole Language/Phonics.
These are only examples, if you can build a panel around another topic, feel free!
Panel speakers should establish a brief theoretical framework before beginning discussions about real-life scenarios. Panel speakers do not need to directly respond to each other, but should illustrate a particular point of view on the issue. Q&A may lead to future research brainstorming.
1. Please enter contact information for the panel chair.
2. What Research AREA best describes your topic?
3. Title: (10 words)
4. Abstract for program: (30 words)
Controversy should be clearly stated.
5. Summary: (400 words)
Each person's contribution should be clearly outlined.
6. Consider this Topic for Poster Session?
7. Speaker 2 Contact Information
8. Speaker 3 Contact Information
9. Thank you for submitting a proposal for the 2010 SLAT Roundtable. If you have any questions or comments please list them here and someone will get back to you.
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