2013 Alumni College Evaluation

Thursday, May 30

Please take a moment to evaluate this year’s Alumni College Program. Your feedback is extremely important as we plan for future years. Thank you for your participation in this program!

Scale: 1 = LOWEST, 5 = HIGHEST, N/A = not applicable/did not attend
GC 101: Tour of the New Gettysburg Seminary Ridge Museum
GC 102: The History of the Battlefield of Gettysburg

David Booz, Adjunct Professor, Civil War Era Studies
GC 103: How Is the Obama Administration Doing?

Shirley Anne Warshaw, Professor of Political Science and Harold G. Evans Chair of Eisenhower Leadership Studies
GC 104: A (New) Strategy For Appreciating Religious Traditions

Lou Hammann ’51, Professor Emeritus
GC 105: Here There Be Monsters

Nolan R. Walborn ’66, Astronomer
GC 106: The Wines of France: A Study & Tasting Tour

Joe Lynch, Sr. P '85, Wine Consultant, Total Wine & More
GC 107: Night at the Observatory

Michael Hayden, Director of Infrastructure & Operations
Dick Cooper '65, Senior Laboratory Instructor, Physics
Larry Marschall, Professor of Physics
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