Alternative Textbook Request - Disability Services Office

1. Instructions for Requesting Textbooks in Alternate Format

1. I have read the Alternate Format Textbook Request instructions and have followed the steps listed.

Alternate Format Textbook Request Instruction Page

2. I confirm that I will e-mail the DSO ( indicating I have completed this request for textbooks in alternate format.
3. I confirm that:

* I have purchased a copy of all the books I am requesting OR the program I am enrolled in has purchased the books on my behalf.

* The title is required reading for the course(s) listed herein, and I am registered for the course.

* The electronic file will not be copied, transferred, or otherwise made available in any format, in whole or in part, to any user other than myself.

*At the conclusion of this semester I will delete all book files obtained through the DSO.
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