Admitted Student Reception 2014

1. Which Admitted Students Reception did you attend?
2. How did you learn about the Admitted Students Reception?
3. Please rate the following areas:
Strongly AgreeAgreeUnsureDisagreeStrongly Disagree
The program locations and dates were convenient.
The guest speakers-students, faculty, and alumni-were informative and worthwhile.
Information on My.LSSU, Placement Testing, Orientation, and Housing was helpful and informative.
Information on Financial Aid was helpful and informative.
Information on Student Affairs was helpful and informative.
Overall, the information provided at the program was helpful.
The Admitted Students Reception was a positive influence on my decision to enroll at LSSU.
4. Please rate:
LSSU was my no. 1 choiceLSSU was among my top choicesLSSU was an alternative choiceI was no longer interested in attending LSSU
The likelihood of your intended enrollment at LSSU prior to the Admitted Students Reception.
5. Please feel free to provide any additional comments/questions/concerns.
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