ACTION ZONE! LEADERSHIP Training Registration

ACTION ZONE! Leadership trainings are held in the NYU Student Health Center Main Conference Room, 726 Broadway, on the 3rd floor.
EVENT DATE: Voluntary individual participants - Please select your preferred training date. For those training within a group/organization/office, please indicate that group in the text box (i.e. Welcome Week Leader, Steinhardt, OUTspoken Peer Educator, RA, etc.).
Year in School:
Member of Athletic Team?
If yes...
Member of social fraternity or sorority?
Have any courses you have taken or workshops you have attended discussed sexual assault, rape, or any gender-based violence?
The Bystander Effect refers to the finding that:
A pro-social bystander is one who:
The first step in deciding to help is:
One obstacle to intervention includes the phenomenon in which each bystander’s sense of responsibility to help decreases as the number of witnesses increases, which best defines:
Please list 3 resources students can access to help them intervene on behalf of another NYU student:
How important is the topic of Bystander Intervention to you personally?
Not important at allSomewhat importantImportantVery importantExtremely important
A situation I encountered or know I will encounter that I’m not sure of how to intervene in is:
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