AAUW Scholarship Application

1. What is your first name?
2. What is your last name?
3. What is your email address?
4. What is the name of your parent(s) or guardian?
5. What is your street address?
6. What is your phone number?
7. What is the name of your high school?
8. What is the name of your high school guidance counselor?
9. List your school actitivies and honors
10. What is your class rank?
11. Waht is your GPA (Grade Point Average)?
12. Please list all community activities in which you participate?
13. List all colleges and univerisities to which you have been accepted
14. What is your intended major?
1.) Please provide a wallet-sized picture along with this application. This will be used for scholarship publicity (newspaper, magazine, etc.)
2.) Please provide photos (preferably digital, .jpeg) of your involement in the school or activities you have listed above. These will be used in a presentation at the Awards Dinner. Please provide as many photos as you can so there are several from which we can choose.
Submission information:
Please send electronic photographs to: bzabor@pennhighlands.edu
The recipient may be male or female. The recipient must be in the upper 10% of the class, accepted at a 4-year college or university, working toward a Bachelor's Degree, and active in school and community activities. The recipient should be a student with an academic record which reflects motivation and achievement; a student who is actively involved in both school and community activities; a student who has a purposeful goal in life.
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