Construction Technology Graduate Survey

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1. Please share your current address and contact information
2. Degree Year and Program Information
3. Please list your main job titles and employers since graduating from SUNY Delhi
4. Have you completed another degree since graduating from SUNY Delhi?
5. Do you have a professional license? If yes, list state(s)
6. How well did your SUNY Delhi education prepare you for your career?
7. How would you rate the lab facilities, computer equipment and software tools that you used at SUNY Delhi?
Lab Facilities
Computer Equipment
Software Tools
8. What skills or information that you learned at SUNY Delhi have been the most helpful to you in your work?
9. What skills or information that you learned in the program have been the LEAST helpful to you in your work?
10. Do you have any other comments about the program at SUNY Delhi, how it helped you, or how the program could be improved?
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