Digg v4 Alpha Feedback

Thank you for taking the time to fill out our alpha survey. Your feedback is a vital part of the development process and we are looking forward to receiving your comments.
How would you compare the New Digg to current Digg?
Overall, how satisfied are you with your experience on the New Digg?
Would you recommend the New Digg to a friend?
Below are some general statements about the New Digg. How would you rate them?
Not At All SatisfiedNot Very SatisfiedSomewhat SatisfiedVery SatisfiedExtremely Satisfied Did Not Use/Don't Recall
Speed of the site (e.g. page load time)
Seeing activities from people I care about
Ease of finding interesting stories
Overall look and feel
Overall ease of navigation
How would you rate your experience with the New Digg in the following areas?
Not at All SatisfiedNot Very SatisfiedSomewhat SatisfiedVery SatisfiedExtremely SatisfiedDid Not Use/Don't Recall
Sharing Stories
Comments page
Top News
Submitting Stories
Quality of stories on My News
Reading and submitting comments
Customizing My News
If you chose Not Very Satisfied or Not At All Satisfied, please tell us why.
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