New Australian Vegan Magazine

1. Where are you located?
2. How long have you been vegan?
3. Have you bought or subscribed to the following vegan/vegetarian magazines?
Bought an issueBought several issuesSubscribed
Vegan Voice
Natural Health & Vegetarian Life
The Vegan (UK)
4. Would you buy a new Australian vegan magazine?
5. What would you like to read about in a new vegan magazine?
6. What regular sections would you like to see?
7. Are you interested in advertising in a new vegan magazine?
8. If you are interested in being involved with producing a new vegan magazine, please indicate your area of interest/expertise:
9. What do you think about the following name suggestions?
No thanksIt's okLike itLove it
Vegan Australia
Vegan Village
Vegan Shift
Vegan Season
Vegan Quarterly
Vegan Vibe
Living Vegan
The Vegan Times
Vegan Scene
Vegan Social
10. Thanks for your feedback! If you would like to stay in the loop please provide your contact details (name, email, phone).
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