Kitson Park: Friends/User Survey

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1. Firstly, please tell us how close you live to the park
2. How do you generally get to the park?
By car
By Bus
3. In the past year how often did you use the park?
4. If you attended the launch/play event on Sat 29th May, how did you hear about the event?
5. Did your children enjoy their time with any of the following...
6. Do you think the new rope/climbing play equipment is an improvement?
7. What other play equipment would you like to see in the park?
For up to age 5
For up to age 8
For 8-13
For 13 and over
8. What other facilities would you like to see?
YesNoDon't know
More organised events for children and families
More organised events for adults
Better access to the woods from the park eg bridges
9. In general, how safe do you feel when using the park?
Not very safeFairly unsafeNeither safe/nor unsafeFairly safeVery safe
Levels of safety
10. Could you help? We have achieved a great deal with a very small team. To take the Park forward we really need your help – as little or as much time as you can give.
YesNoMaybe (I'd need more info)
Would you be interested in joining the Friends Group and attending our meetings?
Could you help organise or co-ordinate future events?
Could you help with ideas for fundraising?
Could you help with some hands on Park maintenance?
Could you deliver leaflets to promote events at the park?
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