Library Electronic Resource Trial


We set up an electronic resource trial when:
  • there is interest demonstrated by the campus community
  • we are able to identify a need based on requests and use of other products
  • and, when we believe we will be able to sustainably fund a resource over a period of time.

After you have trialed USMLEasy, please help us by rating each of the following statements.

This resource:

AgreeSomewhat agreeNeutralSomewhat disagreeDisagreeN/A
Is easy to use
Answered my question(s)
Provides information at a suitable level
Would keep me up to date
Would be valuable to me for use in patient care/teaching/learning/research
Please rate this final statement as well:
AgreeSomewhat agreeNeutralSomewhat disagreeDisagreeN/A
The OHSU Library should purchase this product.
How are you affiliated with OHSU (choose all that apply)?
Please provide any other feedback or comments here:
If you'd like to be contacted regarding this purchasing decision, please include your email address below:
Thanks for your assistance.

If you have questions, please contact Loree Hyde at the OHSU Library at 503-494-6684 or

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