The Learning Commons Survey, Fall 2012

1. How often do you sign in when you come to the Learning Commons?
2. Are the hours of the Learning Commons convenient for your schedule?
3. Please rate how often you use the Learning Commons during the semester for the following services:
Frequently: More than once a weekSometimes: 2-4 times per monthSeldom: Less than 3 times per semester
Computer Use
Disability Services
The Writing Center
Blackboard/SIS assistance
Independent Study
Taking Tests
4. How helpful do you find the services offered in the Learning Commons?
5. Do you find that the Learning Commons staff are able to answer your questions regarding services and support?
6. On occasions that the Learning Commons staff could not answer your questions were they able to refer you to the correct person or place for more information?
7. If the Learning Commons offered workshops, please check the ones you’d be interested in attending. You can also suggest some.
8. What other specific services could the Learning Commons offer to help you succeed in your classes?
9. Would you recommend the Learning Commons to a friend or classmate?
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