WasWatching.com Reader Survey February 2010

1. Ten Quick Questions To Help Us Make This Blog Better

1. How long have you been reading WasWatching.com?
2. On a monthly basis, how often do you read WasWatching.com?
3. How frequently do you read WasWatching.com from the following locations?
4. What feature of WasWatching.com is the most valuable to you?
Very ValuableValuableSometimes ValuableHas No Value
Statistical Analysis
News Highlights
Historical Facts
Reader Comments
Book/DVD/Product Reviews
Links To Other Blog Content
5. What best describes where you are located?
6. What's your gender?
7. What's your age group?
8. Which is your favorite baseball team?
9. Has your opinion towards WasWatching.com changed in the past nine months?
10. What do you like best and least about WasWatching.com?
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