1. Please provide an email address if you would like to receive future Mates Rates DISCOUNTS and SPECIAL OFFERS from Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary.
2. From what location are you visiting Currumbin Wildife Sanctuary?
3. Is this your first visit to Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary?
4. Do you feel that Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary's FACILITIES are adequate for an enjoyable visit?
5. Did you find the presentations and performances to be enjoyable?
6. Did the staff and volunteers at Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary make your visit fun and enjoyable?
7. What was your favourite activity at Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary?
8. Do you think you will visit Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary again?
9. If YES, which price point represents in your view, value for money?
10. Would you recommend Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary to others?
11. Comments and Suggestions:
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