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1. AIM Workshops and Institutes

AIM is about you, and we need your feedback!

1. Date of the workshop/institute
Date (of the first day)
2. Location of Workshop
TypeAIM Workshop Location (Non-School Board)
AIM Workshop/Institute (Canada)
3. Your details (all fields optional)
4. Talking about your generation...
Year Range
Your (approximate!) age?
5. Which language do you teach?
6. What is your teaching context?
7. Is your school already using the AIM approach and resources or are you the 'pioneer'?
8. What grade(s) do you teach?
9. How much class time do your students receive each week for the target language?
Less than 1 hour
Up to 1.5 hours
Up to 2 hours
Up to 2.5 hours
Up to 3 hours
Over 3 hours
10. AIM experience
How many years have you been using AIM?
How many workshops/institutes have you attended?
11. Where did the funding for you to attend the workshop/institute come from?
12. The event
Registration process
Organization of products table
Convenience in terms of time and distance
Value for money
13. The training...
Strongly agreeAgreeSomewhat agreeDon't agree
... gave you the confidence to use AIM in the classroom
... covered all the necessary aspects of AIM
... had clear outcomes
14. Please rate your facilitators (s)
ExcellentGoodFairPoorNot Applicable
Ann Chiasson
Audrey Misiano
Beth Hill
Dan Bart
Dr. Stephen Krashen
Edite Sammons
Pauline Galea
Renée Villeneuve
Richard Smith
Sylvia Duckworth
Wendy Maxwell
15. Do you have suggestions to help us improve our training?

16. Additional training and certification.
I am interested in becoming a Certified AIM Teacher.
I am interested in AIM Online Teacher Training.
I am interested in becoming an AIM Mentor.
I am looking for more support to implement the AIM program and would like to learn more about the AIM Foundations Teacher Training Program.
17. In conclusion...
Would you recommend the experience to other teachers?
Can we share your comments?
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