Fleet & Family Support Center (FFSC) Customer Satisfaction Survey

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1. Please provide the date the service was offered
2. Which program area did you receive service from?
3. Please answer the following questions with respect to the service you received.
Don't know/ Can't JudgeStronly DisagreeDisagreeNeither Agree nor DisagreeAgreeStronly Agree
1. I received prompt customer service.
2. The location of the service was convenient to me.
3. The time the service was provided was convenient to me.
4. The provider(s) had the required knowledge to assist me.
5. The provide(s) was friendly and professional.
6. The information provided was useful to me.
7. How did you hear about the FFSC program/service you are using?
8. What is your preferred way of receiving FFSC program/service information?
4. Comments or recommendations for improvement:
5. If you would like to be contacted, please fill in the following fields for the appropriate method of contact you would like to be reached at:
6. Please choose your rank or affiliation:
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