Rotary Excellence in Teaching Nomination


The Bellefontaine Rotary Club invites you to nominate a teacher for the 2013-14 Excellence in Teaching Award. Any state certified teacher of grades pre-K through 12, who is employed by an accredited school in Logan County, Ohio, is eligible for nomination for one of the three awards. Past recipients of this award are not eligible. The spouse and/or children of any current officer, board member of the Bellefontaine Rotary Club, or Excellence in Teaching committee member, are not eligible for consideration during the current year. Awards will be presented during the month of April 2014, at a Rotary recognition program. Students, colleagues, parents, administrators or the general public may nominate. Teachers may not nominate themselves.

1. Teacher (Nominee) Information
2. Nominator Information
3. In your own words, please describe what impact this teacher has had on students. Type your description in the area designated for this purpose within this online form. Please describe how the nominee improves student achievement, improves the lives of students beyond academics, and uses best practice. How does this teacher work in innovative and creative ways to support high-quality teaching and learning?

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92-93 (James King, Alice O. Maier, Kristine Swisher)
93-94 (Mary E. Gillespie, Spencer Reames, Ann K. Wildermuth)
94-95 (Beth Harman, Sara Stahler, Kim Cline)
95-96 (Penny S. Cummings, Phil Forsythe, Jennifer L. Thompson)
96-97 (Nancy Hempstead, Sherri Morehouse, Kristine Mount)
97-98 (Lisa Sulich, LeAnne Poppe, Heather Neer)
98-99 (Joe Antram, Benjamin C. Davis, Susan Bowen Shultz)
99-00 (Michael Norris, Melissa Pugh, Rodney Yoder)
00-01 (Joe Horn, Kris Harper, Lois Stoll)
01-02 (Melanie Fry, Valerie Robb, Michael Suman)
02-03 (JoAnne Brademeyer, Paula Naragon, JoEtta Spain)
03-04 (Kris Crockett, Christy Foust, Gretchen Powell)
04-05 (Robin Curley, Shirley DeWeese, Donna Elson)
05-06 (Nada Brown, Rebecca Crisler, Jennifer Davis)
06-07 (Jill McKelvey, Holly Powers, Matt Young)
07-08 (Luann Schmitmeyer, Kim Smith, Brian Sutton)
08-09 (Sue Chaney, Marybeth Motasem, Deborah Purcell)
09-10 (Jill Young, Chris Crissinger, Terry Nelson)
10-11(Karen Scott, Donna Miller, Linda Knight)
11-12 (Keith Pettit, Peter Raatz, Nelly Hughes)
12-13 (Cathy Ulmer, Tom Carrig, Bruce Smith)
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