Product Tester Application

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1. Would you like to receive a free gift?
2. I would like to apply as a product tester.
3. When choosing a crib sheet how important are the following aspects?
Very ImportantSomewhat ImportantA ConsiderationCouldn't Care Less
Organic Cotton (vs conventional cotton)
Handmade (vs factory production)
Made in Canada (vs overseas like China)
Texture (terrys, thermals, jerseys & knits vs conventional flat cotton)
Colour Selection
Fun Prints (vs solids only)
Easy Gifting
4. Please enter your contact information.
5. Age
6. I am...
7. How much are you willing to spend on the perfect crib sheet?
8. You will receive a message from us shortly to confirm your application to be an Smq Organics Product Tester. Please add to your list of accepted email addresses, or check your SPAM folder.

We appreciate any additional comments, questions or special instructions that you might have.
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