The LivLive Experience - Pilot Phase

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1. Tell us where you're watching from. This way we'll be able to figure out if geographical distance creates unique issues (e.g., audio/video delay or sync issues).
2. Audio quality:
+ Any stutters?
+ Too quiet?
+ Too loud?
+ Full sound?
+ Any sound?
+ One instrument louder/quieter than the others?
+ Background noise too much too little?

Also, if possible, try to hook up your computer to your stereo to really test the audio.
3. Video quality:
+ Is there an image?
+ Any stutters?
+ Is it clear?
+ Does the image look smooth and fluid?
+ Is the lighting too dark or too bright? Is the image grainy or overexposed?
+ Does the player on the website take a long time to play or buffer or does it pause at all? If so, how often?
+ Is the video in sync with the audio?
+ Was the player in full screen mode? If not, try expanding the player to full screen and indicate if there was any noticeable difference.
4. The video player:
+ Does the job?
+ Easy to use?
+ Any problems with it?
+ What do you think of the sharing options (e.g., for Facebook and Twitter)?
5. Chat - please feel free to pick a username (use your own or be creative - just keep it clean) and send out some love to LivLive or the bands:
+ Any issues?
+ Would you rather be using Facebook or Twitter?
6. Gadgets (email subscription, Facebook 'Like', Google+):
+ Do these make sense to you?

Go ahead and subscribe, "Like" and/or Google+ at if you want to stay connected with LivLive.
7. General feedback - anything else you feel like sharing with us!
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