1. School of Nursing
2. Leadership placement type
3. Location
4. Select the primary unit(s) you spent the most time.
5. Please rate the following on a scale of 1 to 5 with 1= strongly disagree and 5=strongly agree, NA= not applicable.
1 strongly disagree2 disagree3 neutral4 agree5 strongly agreeNA
I was able to achieve my course objectives for this leadership experience
I was adequately prepared to document patient care within the EPIC electronic health record
The mentor/preceptor provided a variety of learning opportunities
The hospital setting was conducive to learning leadership skills
The hospital setting was conducive to learning the role of the nurse leader in the healthcare team
The mentor/preceptor made me feel included as a part of the healthcare team
The mentor/preceptor was receptive to my questions
The nursing staff were positive role models
The mentor/preceptor involved me into the patient care team
The mentor/preceptor provided professional role modeling
The mentor/preceptor demonstrated transformational leadership
I have an understanding of the role of the professional nurse leader
6. We welcome all comments and feedback regarding your leadership experience; provide any specific examples you would like to share:

Overall, how would you describe your leadership experiences at UCSD compared with other similar experiences at other facilities?
7. Would you consider employment at UCSD as a new graduate?
8. What appeals to you most about employment at UCSD?
9. What is least appealing about employment at UCSD?
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