Student Debt Survey

1. Which category below includes your age?
2. Which of the following best describes your level of education?
3. Did you attend a private (i.e. Notre Dame, University of Puget Sound) or public (i.e. Boise State University, University of Oregon) college/university?
4. How much money did you borrow in order to attend college/university?
5. Did you receive any other form of financial aid, like grants or scholarships?
6. Are you currently paying interest, principal, or both on your student loans?
7. Which of the following describes your employment status during college/university?
8. Did you attend college/university straight out of high school? If not, how long did you wait?
9. How long did it take you to graduate from college/university?
10. Do you feel that your college/university education has contributed significantly to your finding employment after graduation?
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