2012 New Student Orientation Registration

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We are so excited you will be joining the PC Family this August! As you know, we have planned a fun and informative orientation program that starts on the first day of orientation. We have a few questions for you regarding orientation -- please take a few minutes to complete the following survey. If you have any questions - please contact us at: 864-833-8381 or orientation@presby.edu.

See you soon!

1. Please enter Student Contact Information
2. Including the student, how many adults (12 & over) will be attending the New Student and Family Dinner on August 15th? (4 complimentary tickets are available per student, additional tickets can be purchased on the morning of August 15th)
3. Please list the names of the people who will be attending the picnic with you:
4. Students and families have an opportunity to drop off personal belongings in the residence halls the evening before Orientation begins, Tuesday, August 14 from 5:00pm-7:00pm. The students are NOT permitted to stay in the building over night. Please indicate if you will take advantage of this opportunity, or if you would prefer to move in on Thursday morning. (Please see the Orientation Website for more details and hotel information)

I will be:
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