Burnt Hills United Soccer Club Parent Feedback Form

1. How would you rate your child’s overall experience this past season?
2. How would you rate your child’s growth in soccer skills this past season?
3. The coach was well organized for practices and games and kept parents well informed through email, phone or team meetings.
4. The coach has a firm understanding of the game.
5. The coach’s personality and style made it conducive to learning.
6. My child’s playing time was consistent with the club’s philosophy of playing approximately one half of the game.
7. My child enjoyed playing under this coach.
8. The indoor practice facilities were adequate for my child.
9. The amount of practice time, 1-2x per week was adequate for my child.
10. We welcome your constructive comments to move forward positively as a club for the next season.
Please select your child's age group this past season
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