Ready for Boot Camp

1. I want to do boot camp!!!
2. What boot camp program do you prefer?
1st Choice2nd Choice3rd Choice
4-Week Boot Camp ($250)
4-Week BCx Club, advanced program ($150)
BCx Express 30-Minute Workout ($60/month)
3. List your priorities in order of importance to help you meet your goals.
Top Priority2nd rority3rd Prority4th Priority5th Priority
Cardio & Conditioning
Strength & Toning
Diet Education
Improve Performance
4. The time that works best for me is:
5. I am currently:
6. My current physical condition is:
7. I am currently in BCx Express.
8. I am currently a member
9. Did you know about our Chrome Membership? For $85/month you can attend as many boot camps as you would like, get unlimited inbodies, get 1/2 off protein shakes, plus your membership! Members can upgrade to the Chrome Membership and SAVE.
10. My contact information is:
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