Speaker Proposal Form 2013

Speaker Proposal Form for 2013 MarketingProfs Events, Seminars, and MPU

Things to consider when proposing a session:

1. All proposals must be educational in nature and non-promotional. Preference is given to topics that are original and innovative.
2. Proposals/sessions have a better chance of being selected if they include case studies and speakers from corporate “end-user” companies.
3. A slide presentation is required for all sessions including panel discussions.
4. MarketingProfs reserves the right to add additional speakers to your session or combine your session with another one covering a complementary topic.
5. If we are interested in your proposal, we will contact you for more information and to request references and/or a video of a previous speaking engagement.

Thanks for your interest in MarketingProfs!
1. Please fill in the following information for the person we should contact with questions about this proposal.
2. Which event are you proposing this session for?
3. Level of Knowledge:
4. Topic Category:
5. Suggested Title:
(Please provide two suggested titles for your session that capture the main benefit for attendees.)
6. Session Description:
(Please describe in 75-100 words, the educational content of your session including any case studies you intend to present.)
7. Attendee Guarantee:
(Please list three guaranteed takeaways for attendees.)
8. Lead Speaker:
9. Lead Speaker Bio (approx. 75 words):
10. Second Speaker or Panelist:
11. Second Speaker or Panelist Bio (approx. 75 words):
12. Third Speaker or Panelist:
13. Third Speaker or Panelist Bio (approx. 75 words):
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