Needs analysis of language Training Courses for language teachers

1. Which of the five elements below do you think you need most? Place them in order of importance from 1-5 (1 the least important - 5 the most important)?

not importantslightly importantneither important nor unimportantimportantvery important
(1) a SKILLS component, involving such activities as teaching observation and practice in various forms.
(2) a METHODOLOGY component (theory in the weak sense)
(3) a THEORY component (in the strong sense), dealing with theories of language, learning and teaching.
(4) a SUBJECT MATTER component, i.e. study of the language itself (in all its aspects)and of the culture and literature associated with it.
(5) a LANGUAGE IMPROVEMENT component, designed to improve the teacher’s proficiency in the language, either generally, or with specific pedagogic purposes in mind.
2. Please specify reasons for your choice you ranked the most important for you?

3. Are you a native speaker of English?

4. Years of experience
5. Gender
6. Degree

7. Major
8. Where are you currently working?
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