Job Sharing Review

1. I am a...
2. Optional Question:

Student-Athletes provide your name and employer you spent time with.

Employers provide your name and company.
3. My major and/or business area is...
4. I met with this employer/student-athlete ______________ times this semester.
5. For Student-Athletes: Did the employer give you tips or suggestions about the industry?
6. For Employers: Did the student-athlete ask insightful questions?
7. Please tell me your favorite thing(s) about this experience:
8. Please explain anything you would want to change or improve about the situation. If nothing please put N/A.
9. For Student-Athletes: Please tell me one thing you learned about the experience.

(ex. My job sharing employer gave me tips on interviewing...or, I learned that I would really enjoy ________ more than _________ about this job)
10. Please rate your OVERALL feelings about the job sharing experience.
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