2014 NYWC Seminar Submission

Thank you for your interest in presenting at The National Youth Workers Conventions in 2014.

The deadline for collecting 2014 Seminar Submissions is January 24, 2014.

1. Please enter your contact information.
3. How many years have you been in a youth ministry leadership role?
4. What topic(s) are you proposing for your seminar? (include the titles)
5. What expertise or experience has prepared you to teach on this topic?
6. What books from YS or other publishers support the content in your seminar?
7. What youth ministry events have you spoken at in the past? (please list your top 3 recent notable events)
8. (optional) Please submit one or two links to online videos of you teaching or preaching. List the video clip timing for the 5 minutes of the talk that you would recommend our team watch. (we wish we had time for watching full 45 or 90 minute talks from all possible seminar speakers, but that would take a TON of time)...
9. Which of our 2014 NYWC's are you available to speak at? (the 2013 Seminar Speakers have already been selected)
Thanks again for taking time to submit ideas for presenting a seminar at NYWC. As you can imagine, we receive considerably more requests than we have time slots. If your idea isn't selected it's probably just that you are ahead of your time and we're too dense to realize what we are missing (seriously, it's not sarcasm!), but know that we would like to continue to keep you in mind as we move forward.

Thanks for all that you do to help students follow in the way of Jesus.