Open Canvas Student Survey

1. Are you looking for opportunities to gain practical experience in your field? If so, what avenues do you currently use to do that? List any sources.

2. What are some difficulties you currently face in gaining experience in your creative field?
3. Do you find benefits in networking with other Creatives?
4. As a creative, what benefits do you seek in a networking website?
5. Would you use a website to match your expertise with creative projects
6. As a creative, do you use Linkedin to network with other creatives? If yes, why? What are the benefits? If no, why not? List other networks you use to network & showcase your expertise and/or portfolio.
7. Would you prefer to work on multiple short-term project in order to gain experience (as opposed to a long-term internship?) Please elaborate how many times and the quality of the experience you gained.
8. How have you collaborated with another Creative on a professional project? What obstacles have you faced?
9. What qualities do you look for in a collaborative partner when working on a creative project?
10. I seek professional opportunities and real-life experiences with small businesses and non-profit organizations to expand my portfolio/resume.
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