East Nashville Bike Bus 2013/14 school year

East Nashville Magnet School

The East Nashville Bike Bus is a group of kids and adults that ride a pre-planned route to East Nashville Magnet School. This has been a wonderful way to teach bike safety, strengthen friendships, and build confidence for our young people.

In order to develop the bike bus route, we need some information from you. Please fill out this small questionnaire and I will contact you with the designated route and times.

Here are some dates and times for bike bus activities:

--Saturday, July 13th, 9-10am, Kids Bike Clinic and Bike Bus Orientation,at Eastside Cycles. Getting the new bike bus kids and parents oriented.
--Saturday, July 20, 9-10am, Bike Bus Practice Ride, Route TBD
--Saturday, July 27, 9-10am, Bike Bus Practice Ride Route TBD
--Thursday, August 1st First Day of School/half day. Bike bus starts.

Keeping the rubber side down,

Francie Hunt
1. What is your first and last name?
2. Name of child(ren) participating in Bike Bus
3. Please provide your address so we can develop the bike bus route.
4. Would you like to be an adult rider with the bike bus?
5. What is your cell phone number or phone number you can be reached during bike bus/school hours?
6. Can we communicate with you by text?
7. Are you on Facebook so that we may add you to a FB Bike Bus group for communication purposes?
8. The East Nashville Bike Bus is simply a way to teach our kids to ride to school together safely and our goal is to enable them to eventually ride with limited adult support. This is a semi-loosely structured group of students organized by a self-initiated informal band of parents. As parents, we understand that we are responsible for knowing whether and when our children are "ready" to ride without an adult. We are responsible for ensuring that our child's bike is safe enough to ride. This is not an official entity through East Nashville Magnet, Eastside Cycles, or any neighborhood association (although they all cheer us on.)

Do you understand that?
9. Can you and your child(ren) attend the Bike Bus Orientation on Saturday, July 13th?
10. What questions or ideas do you have about the Bike Bus?
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