Law Office Staff Seminars

Topics for Law Office Staff Seminars (Fall 2012- dates to be announced)

The Central Illinois Bankruptcy Court has been using the Case Management/Electronic Case Filing (CM/ECF) system for about 8 years and would like to offer some additional training targeted to Law Office Staff. This would be for the office staff that have been using the system, but feel some further explanation or clarification of topics would be beneficial. Attorneys participated in prior 'Experienced E-filer' seminars, so we are limiting the current sessions to office staff only (no future Experienced E-filer sessions for Attorneys are planned at his time).

To aid in planning this seminar, we are seeking participation interest and possible areas of concern or topics to cover in the fall 2012 sessions (specific dates to be announced).

Thank you for taking the time to complete the following survey. Your feedback will enable us to address questions or concerns that would be most beneficial to you, the user. (Please complete by 5/31/2012)
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1. Are you interested in participating in this type of seminar?
2. If yes, at which office location would you likely attend?
3. Please list any areas you would like to see addressed and/or any topic ideas for this seminar.
4. What questions do you have concerning how the Clerk's office we determine our procedures, maintain official records, or carry out statutory duties?
5. How often do you use our website ( to find information and answers to your questions?
6. Please list any questions or suggestions you have pertaining to our website.
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